Sustainable Jewellery Spotlight: Anuka

As the focus and conversation surrounding sustainable fashion and jewellery brands (very rightly) ramps up, I thought I'd share a focussed profile on Anuka.

Ethically sourced and hand-crafted by founder Francesca Kippax, Anuka is a Chester-based jewellery brand with a strong commitment to sustainability.  The labels beautiful, contemporary pieces are crafted solely from recycled and certified Fairmined precious metals - think, 100% recycled silver and responsibly sourced gold.

Every element is considered through a sustainable perspective, from development to their packaging recycled packaging.

I love Francesca's 'clean designs, clean ethos' and have often used Anuka's ethically sourced designs on both photoshoots styled on clients for television appearances.

But, until rather recently my very minimal approach to jewellery was streamlined to just my staple Missoma choker, engagement ring and simple studs that I'd switch out for thin pairs of small gold hoops every month - when I invariably tired of one style. Buying or wearing something other than my staples seemed so indulgent, like buying a new fragrance outside of Christmas.

However, since lockdown I've been finding more reasons to play around with accessories experimenting with layering necklaces and switching my very simple earrings out for more exciting alternatives - something I always do on sets and with clients but seemingly never myself. So I was thrilled when Francesca asked me to style and photograph a few of my favourite pieces whilst in lockdown.


Typically, I go for delicate thin gold chains which I layer when I'm feeling very adventurous so wearing a thicker, necklace that was more collar than choker was out of my usual comfort zone. Yet, I loved it. I immediately felt more put-together and the combination of the LOKA Curve Hoop Earrings paired with the AMATI Collar Necklace elevated my whole look. Despite nowhere (bar the local Coop) being open I felt date night ready.

I played around with the length and styling of the MANI Adjustable Necklace, wearing it whilst working on emails from the garden layered with another necklace. I loved how subtle it looked and how playfully the three metals contrasted one another.

I styled the same MANI Adjustable Necklace solo with just a blazer, keeping the necklace in full focus. The positioning of the weighted Mani stone is completely adjustable, allowing you to wear it as high or low as you wish. Try styling yours turned around with an open back top, so the stone hangs between your shoulder blades.

 MANI Adjustable Necklace; Blazer, old Mango; Trousers, old Zara; Bracelet, KOLTI Cuff, Anuka


Now, as those of you who know me will know I'm super self conscious of my hands. So much so I spent years and y e a r s warding my boyfriend off ever buying me an engagement ring as I was so adamant I'd hate it. I often feel claustrophobic when it comes to wearing rings and rarely ever wear them - the only exception being my engagement ring which - until trying on Anuka's designs - was an anomaly and the only one I loved to wear.

Now, I have around five gold rings that I wear on rotation by Anuka. From hammered stacking rings and contemporary rings in squared shapes to those detailed in kinks and twists. The pieces are beautiful, ideal for layering, stacking or wearing solo. 


As small gold hoops are likely my most worn piece of jewellery I thought I'd mix it up a little and literally expand my go-to's with the LOKA Curve Hoops: a mid-size contemporary gold earring which very much looks like a full hoop from the front and side. Ideal for day-to-night wear and perfectly sized to avoid all of your hair getting twisted and caught in the back (forever the bane of my life) these might just be my favourite of Anuka's LOKA collection.

Also, part of the beautiful LOKA collection, the Contour Earrings  a firm favourite of mine. Fluid, hand-crafted and contemporary these oval earrings are ideal for pairing with a simple white tee for everyday. Keep them in focus by tucking your hair back behind your ears, styling with a strapless or halter neck top and red lip.



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  23. Now, those of you who know me well are aware of my extreme self-consciousness over my hands. I was so certain I would detest an engagement ring that I spent years and years trying to convince my boyfriend never to buy one for me. I often feel claustrophobic when it comes to wearing rings and rarely ever wear them - the only exception being my engagement ring which - until trying on Anuka's designs - was an anomaly and the only one I loved to wear.

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