Dress: Next
Cardigan: Next
Stole: Next
Tights: M&S
Rings: Topshop & llymlrs
Bracelet: Tiffany

I've started wearing my faux fur stole again in this recent patch of freezing temperatures, I purchased it and the dress in the Next Boxing Day sale - Whenever I wear this dress I feel particularly great as its actually age 11-12 years! I am evidently not that thin/tiny - and think it's really upsetting to see anorexic adults wearing children's clothing in magazine features - I am a healthy 8/10 and just stumbled across this bargain :) - I think it's just one of the many garments which are oddly sized.

I purchased a set of rings from Topshop a month or so ago these and the above are from the ten in the set. I don't usually like buying ring sets as I think they're a bit too unoriginal, so I'm pleasently surprised at how much I love this set.

I revealed the exciting news, I'd mentioned in my previous post, on twitter a couple of days ago: I'm going to be working at London Fashion Week next week as part of my Student Ambassador role - an absolute dream come true! I am so so excited, I've ordered and planned my outfit from Motel and can't wait to share my experience with you guys! My lovely friends Sophie and Nat are also going to LFW, all for different publications, so I'll hopefully see them about :) I worked at London Fashion Weekend in September for the girl from Made In Chelsea's jewellery brand, which was wonderful as I was able to meet Natasha from Allumer whose an absolute babe.

Are any of you also going to London Fashion Week this season?


  1. Sounds lovely! I will come to London to LFW and London Fashion Weekend! :)

    Hope to see you then! :)

  2. thank you, I'll have a look and enter :)

  3. Love the colour! Pink and grey together is soo pretty and the fur stole is lush! Wow lfw what an amazing op, how lucky are you! x x


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