ReeRee's flyer
The Rockalily Collection
Elodie filming an advert for her blog
Temptation's Creations cup cake stall
Jemma, Mary and I
Lucy & Jemma

On Monday evening I attended Zoe's ZOMG lipstick launch - a perfect collaboration with Rockalily. It was such a wonderful evening, held in a pub near St Pauls: with a cupcake stand, craft tables and a wig and vintage hair accessories stall. There was a great turn out with a bar full of bloggers out in force to support Zoe, making the evening a great opportunity to meet some of my favourite bloggers and make some new friends! The evening finished on a high with an exceptional burlesque performance from my new thinspiration Miss Banbury Cross; who has the most phenomenal costumes, talent and abs.

I'm now really looking forward to TOWIB, whose going? It'll be so alovely to meet some more of you guys!

Apologies for the delayed posting, I've had such a nightmare with my phone (it completley died and thankfully resurrected itself) and so much reading for Uni. I'm just finishing off Racine's Athaliah which is actually great. I truly love Ancient Greek Literature - it reminds me of my A level Theatre lessons where we used to laugh over references to Argos and the term 'concubine' lols.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!
    I'll be at TOWIB :) x

  2. Hi Sarah, was lovely meeting you on Monday! What's your twitter? I tried the link on your blog but it says user does not exist xx

    1. Aahh so lovely to meet you too! Are you going to TOWIB? Ah thank you for telling me, it's @SarahRHarrison xxx

    2. Yes I am!! I'm guessing you are? No worries, I'll add you right away xx

    3. I totally messed up with the hours I'm meant to be working so I've got to see :S fingers crossed!! x


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