1, order from Little Me, 2, John Frieda love, 3, brownies and note from my babe of a flatmate, 4, snowy london, 5, Motel Sample Sale, 6, London Fashion Week - Somerset House, 7, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, 8, interview with Lewis Taylor, 9, My Grandma's cat investigating the flowers I sent her, 10, my Clarisonic Mia, 11, Heron spotting in East London, 12, LFW Pass, 13, My ticket to Prose, 14, gratuitous LFW picture, 15, The boys of LFW: Daniel, Alex and James, 16, my kindred spirit Laura, 17, package from Selina, 18, Daffodils from my beyond lovely flat mate, 19, Nandos & my favourite perinaise sauce, 20, MAC at LFW, 21, Cath Kidston lacquered bb shell, 22, ASOS parcel, 23, Lamborghini at a Performance Partnership event, 24, Laura & I, 24, The LFW Motel Student Ambassadors, 25, Valentines Links surprise from my boy, 26, Cup cake bouquet , 27, Glossybox nail varnish box, 28, H&M order from Poppa H - first clothing he's brought me since I got my first Argos job at 16, 29, ticked off Uni to do list, 30, Rick's SRG sketch, 31, New MAC lipstick: Watch me simmer, 32, Saw my dog for the first time since Christmas.

I'd intended to post this on the last day of February but I was offered the opportunity to go home - something I've not managed to to since Christmas - so I left everything at my flat in a mad rush and couldn't attempt this without Photoshop. February was an amazing month, very stressful and everything sort of happened at once but very memorable. The absolute highlight was meeting my kindred spirit Laura, and experiencing the wonder of LFW with her. I've got a few exciting events and posts planned for March so hopefully you'll love them!

How was your month?

I AM ACTUALLY JOINING THE GYM ON MONDAY: I'm broadcasting this here as it's now on the internet and I can't shy away from it any more.

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  1. my month was wicked thanks, yours looks very busy and fun. love your blog. xx


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