On thursday evening I assisted at the Motel Rocks Bloggers Event. For this event, less people were invited which made it so much more personal and easier to speak to bloggers and affiliates. The summer collection is my absolute favourite collection from Motel so far, I love the ditsy floral prints and wish I was cool/petite enough to pull off the amazing palm tree print shorts and shirt.

I met some wonderful people, including the lovely and super talented Sophie from Crown and Glory whose work is just phenomenal. There is so so so much I love on her site. At the event she was wearing this phenomenal creation which is a sophisticated take on an Easter bonnet and made me feel so nostalgic.

Rock 'n Rose were kind enough to give everyone there the option of a gorgeous ring or necklace from their collection. I chose the three spiked ring in silver :)

It was so lovely to catch up with Elodie, Stacey, Charlene and Steffani, my favourite thing about blogging is the lovely people you get to meet and the talented friends you make :)
image stolen from the lovely Stacey :)


  1. Was great to see you again Sarah! Loved that we prepare and pouf our hair up in the same way right before a photo haha I wish I had taken more photos now boo I always get to over excited about the whole thing and forget xx

  2. looks like great fun, the cakes look really scrummy and your skirt is so pretty. I really love your blog.

    Hope xoxo

  3. i loved your skirt that night...everyone looked fab! x

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words, Sarah! Selina should have a little goodie bag waiting for y'all as a huge thanks for inviting me to the event :) x


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