A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I spontaneously headed over to Chelsea to check out the Jack Wills & Aubin and Wills Sample Sale. With reductions of up to 65% off there were some incredible bargains.

I'm really fussy about what I spend my money on and would much rather purchase one, great quality, garment for say £60 than 3, poorer quality garments, for the same amount or less. I totally agree with quality over quantity. Although I personally find JW's usual prices far too expensive for me and although I now have quite a few bits from the brand (I LOVE their pj bottoms) I've never purchased anything at its full price.

Tyler kindly brought me a lovely green coat for £40 (it was £98) which is really warm - I'm always cold - and not remotely bulky I absolutely love it - especially as it matches my Hunter Wellingtons. We purchased an absolute tonne of stuff for my little sister as she's been desperate for some JW garments for the past year or so. I'm going to do a photo haul post on it as it'll be a very photo heavy post if I add them onto this.

Hope you all had a really lovely Easter! So sorry I've taken nine days off after promising to be more consistent I've just enjoyed being back at home so much :) But I've got quite a few posts planned for this week so I hope you like them!


  1. such incredible bargains, i brought that shirt full price your sister's so lucky!!


  2. Eh... How come I didn't know about this! I need some new PJ bottoms and trackies to lounge around the house!

    -Elodie x

    1. They didn't actually have any there (much to my disappointment) so you din't miss out :) xxx

  3. how do you know when there's going to be one on?

    1. My boyfriend's on their outlet list thing so he received an email notifying him :)


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