Cambridge Satchel Company - Navy Matt Leather 15" Batchel: via ASOS

I am officially IN love. I've loved the Cambridge Satchel Company's satchels for a very long time and after seeing them at LFW last season in their neon glory I was certain I'd eventually own one: this day has finally come! My ever so lovely boyfriend kindly brought me this one as an early anniversary/late valentines gift (we were both desperately poor in Feburary - he isn't a meany). Since we've seen the forced to watch the Google advert featuring the beautiful satchels about 10 times so far this week and as ASOS had a very generous 48 hour 25% student discount it felt like a sign. We purchased it and I've since been eagerly anticipating it's arrival - it came this morning. Upon opening it I was slightly disappointed as I thought it'd be smaller and less boxy. I had a panicky chat with my house mate who settled my silly nerves re. the bag and I've been looking at it all day now and I've concluded that I love it ♥ I chose Navy Matt (it's looks bluer on camera) as it's not restrictive in colour and I'm not brave enough to get neon, ha.

It's a great size - I can fit in my camera :D so it's going to be perfect for LFW (which commences tomorrow in case you've been hiding under a rock). I did/do really want it embossed with my initials SRH in silver - I've emailed a few places and will continue my research as it'd totally remove any masculine edge from the batchel: the Batchel is simply the classic satchel with the addition of a top handle :)

What do you think? I can't wait to wear it tomorrow for LFW and in the evening as I'm off to see Michael McIntyre with my fam. Let me know if you're heading to Fashion Week and I'll keep a look out for any familiar faces :)


  1. Ahhhh I love it! I wish I had a bag like that to keep my camera in for fashion week! I'm going to Michael McIntyre next month for a friend's birthday, literally cannot wait he's so funny. Enjoy x

    1. Nat we must meet up at LFW this season :) Oooh lovely, I'm soo excited :D xx

  2. I love these Satchels <3 have a fantastic time af LFW and Michael Mcintyre i'm so jealous..hehe.

    Jo. x

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