Once we'd finished at Juicy Couture, we headed to Mulberry (after a quick trip to the Fenwick Ladies Powder Room). Now this stop was considerably more me than the last - I absolutely love Mulberry and am sadly still dreaming of the day I'm able to afford one of their glorious and iconic bags.

After queuing for an eternity and surviving utterly horrendous rib squashing conditions Stacey, Alex and I made it into the store: I can't actually convey through words how much of an achievement this felt at the time. We were greeted by their gorgeous collection, including the limited edition FNO collection...

as well as J.Sheekey's Oyster Bar.
Stacey very sneakily videoed Alex and I sampling our first ever Oysters...please excuse my high pitched voice, I blame the copious amount of free cocktails:
We had a wonderful time playing about in the snapshot photo booth...

and were given the most wonderful gift bags, which included a beautiful booklet filled with the photos we'd had taken. It was a wonderful night and I hope I can attend next year if I'm not off travelling :) It was so lovely to catch up with Stace - who very kindly let me steal a few of her photos :)
Did you attend Vogue's Fashion Night Out? If so, where did you go and what did you think?

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