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It's been a bloody long time since I last did one of these posts. I'm currently in the middle of preparing for an utterly horrendous 20 minute presentation on Rilke - which has to be amazing as it's what my subsequent 4,000 word assignment will be on *snooze*. To say I'm over this module would be an understatement. I used to genuinely enjoy reading stuff like this but the prospect of discussing his work in relation to Tolstoy at present is making me want to die. I blame this wholly on the fact that I leave for a month's holiday in Australia/New Zealand in just over a week and I'm beyond excited/terrified about baring my un-prepared bikini body.

I've been cramming an awful lot in this month as I'll be out the country for an entire month, I quit my job which felt incredible, with work restrictions lifted I was finally able to visit my best girl in Oxford, celebrate two of my other best friend's 22nd - one of which I got far too drunk at and utterly embarrassed myself, celebrated my boyfriend's 22nd at the Ice Bar, ordered far too many bikinis from ASOS, modelled in my first real photo shoot for my friend's uni project and realised that I really need to re-buy my favourite perfume. It was my first blogging birthday which saw a competition collaboration with Coco Deville.

I've got a lot of horrific work to get done this week but I have the most exciting day on Friday which I can't wait to tell you all about :D What have you been up to so far? It's weird not being remotely excited for Christmas (my fam and I are visiting family who emigrated to NZ instead, so no presents, tree's decorations or dinner for me - although my parents kindly brought me a lovely advent calendar).


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    1. Ah thanks doll, make sure you enter my competition! xx

  2. Aw NZ is going to be so exciting and HOT! I'm going to Colombia to visit family for Christmas so no presents/decorations at my house either :( I think I'm more upset about the no decorations bit - that's what makes Christmas! And my grandparents are really Catholic so they don't even have sparkly decorations, just little statues of Mary and Jesus all over the house. Good luck with the rest of your work, I'm absolutely shattered from my work load and literally cannot wait to finish the semester now x

    1. Oooh lovely, that'll be so exciting! Yes I've felt weirder walking past wrapping paper and decorations than potential gifts. Thank you sweets, best of luck with yours too! x

  3. wow looks like uve been having fun! love sally xo


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