Dress: All Saints *
Leggings: American Apparel
Socks: Topshop
Boots: All Saints *(Rustic Chelsea)

This is possibly one of my all time favourite dresses, it's made from Italian Cloth and has the cutest peter pan collar - a trend I don't seem able to get over. It's currently sold out, soo I'm super, super happy I managed to get it as I'd had my eye on it for weeks and weeks. The only issue with it is that if its worn with tights a static is created which holds the dress up, which isn't ideal if its your work dress and your job involves bending over a lot - literally so many embarrassing instances have occurred I've taken to wearing it with leggings and socks (don't judge me). I used my All Saints uniform to get both this dress and the boots (last season - may be available in the archive section). I'm infatuated with almost everything from this season's collection and cannot wait for my loan to arrive so I can make optimum use of my discount. Have you purchased anything from All Saints recently?


  1. This is such a cute dress! I'd love it with maybe a big brown belt round the waist too! (just me being me haha).

    Also, to get rid of static, rub talcon powder on this inside of your dress. and if you ever wear pale tights, on your tights too! it gets rid of the static x

    1. Ah amazing tip thank you! I'll definitely be trying that as I've been flashing my bum far too much haha. Lovely idea with the brown belt too xx

  2. The dress is gorgeous :) I love the little boots too- lovely <3


  3. This dress is lovely! All the pleated details on it are so pretty; and it drives me insane when clothing goes static - though the above comment is right, talc really does work!

    louisejoyb x

  4. Try not to utilize any synthetic compounds on your socks. In the event that you are worried about sock stains, utilize normal dying cures, for example, lemon squeeze or preparing pop.
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