I’ve previously posted about my love of oils, I think they're so beneficial in lots of different ways: I incorporate quite a few into my daily and weekly beauty routines and this is one of my all time favourite hair oil.

First, let me say that this product smells just INCREDIBLE. I can't even describe it properly, it's just very yummy and fruity and almost good enough to eat (although I definitely wouldn't advise consuming it). It's lightweight and feels quite luxurious: made from naturally active ingredients including radish seed oil and Kenyan yangu oil it conditions and smooths hair for a luminous shine whilst also protecting against heat damage. 

This product is also alleged to reduce blow-dry time, something that I've sadly not experienced. My hair's grown a considerable amount over the past year and blow-drying time is consequently getting longer and longer so I'm always eager to try things that claim to shorten it as I get quite impatient.

I've had bleached blonde hair since I was 15 and worry an awful lot about it's condition as it often gets very dry and tangly. I've been using this oil after almost every wash: towel drying my hair then applying 3-5 pumps and running it through the ends of my hair up to around four inches from my roots before combing it through and blowdrying as usual. I've been so impressed with the results, my hair doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all (which is always a worry with oils) just smooth and frizz free. After over four months use I've worked my way though just over a quarter of the 50ml product: which is pretty good value, especially for such great results. At half the price of the cult Moroccan Oil and has transformed the texture of my hair in the same way, so if you're looking for an oil which really works I can't recommend this enough - especially if you've got hair like mine.


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