Yu-Be Moisturising cream, tub: £19.50; tube: £13.50
I'm a huge fan of do-it-all balms. I don't leave the house without either a tube of Elizabeth Arden's trusty eight hour cream or Japan's bestselling take on it, safely tucked away in my bag.
The 'Do-It-All' balm caters for every possible eventuality you encounter throughout the day: it's perfect for tending to chapped lips, dry skin and a huge list of first aid functions (including frostbite) to name just a few of its many, many uses. 
Yu-Be's Moisturising Skin Cream has been around since the late 1950's, it was created by a pharmacist, Yoshikiyo Nowatari, as an alternative to the many petroleum based-moisturisers available. Through a secret manufacturing process he created a highly concentrated Glycerin-based cream which replenishes lost moisture from the skin whilst eradicating excess grease: a common issue with petroleum-based products. Packed with vitamins E and B2, the bright yellow product, has a strong camphor scent which does linger upon application, something which can be quite off-putting for anyone with a sensitive nose. However it is a miracle product which works just as well on your face as it does your fingers and feet. 
I've introduced so many of mine and my Mum's friends to Yu-Be's wonderful balm, and I'd definitely recommend sniffing it out, if you struggle with the majorly menthol scent it's worth persevering as the results are worth the whiff.


  1. This sounds lovely and I love the design of the packaging, cute and refreshing! xx

    1. It's such a great product and has the cutest packaging. X

  2. falske omega klokker, som kombinerer elegant stil og banebrytende teknologi, en rekke stiler av, pekeren går mellom din eksklusive smakstil.


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