I had such a lovely time at the Cath Kidston #totesbig and #totessmall event this evening that I wanted to share some of the pictures with y'all. I attended the launch on behalf of the weekly publication I'm currently assisting at and had the best time catching up with old colleagues and good friends and messing around in the incredible illusion photo booth.

You're bound to have seen the #totesbig and #totessmall campagin either in a magazine/newspaper or posted by your favourite editor/celeb on instagram. I love how creative and accessible the campaign is, enabling nosey rosey's like me to have a sneak peek into the bags of everyone from Daisy Lowe to Carrie Harwood. Everyone's been sharing their daily essentials and divulging whether they're a  #totesbig or #totessmall kinda gal whilst showcasing five brand new super cute designs across two different sized bags.

I'm a notorious over-packer so will always be a #totesbig gal. I always take my trusty Cath Kidston foldaway shopper bag with me on every trip as I can cram everything I could possibly need during a weekend stay in Liverpool into it - I'm the girl who always has an iPhone charger, plasters, hand cream and lip balm to hand. If I have time once I return home from staying with my dear pal Rushi tomorrow evening I'll update this post with a picture of what I usually carry in mine :)

How do you wear yours? #totesbig or #totessmall?


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