Bag, Marks and Spencer

I picked up this dress a couple of months ago from Topshop - I'd totally forgotten about it, and these pictures, until I spotted it in the sale today for literally 1/3 of the price - SO annoying when that happens! 

It was significantly more revealing than I'd expected and very different to what I'd usually go for, which is definitely why I've not got anywhere near as much wear as I'd thought out of it. 

I'd purchased it without trying it on (I never try anything on instore), as I really loved the willow pattern design and the cute pops of pink. I teamed it with this light-wash oversized denim jacket, also from Toppers, and my scuffy old Vans to go to a local market with my sister. 

Let me know what you'd wear it with, as I definitely need to get some more wear out of it :) 

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