The mascara edit

The right mascara has the ability to completely transform your look: elevating you from day-to-night with the application of an extra coat simply by lifting, curling and volumizing. I had such great feedback from my recent concealer edit that I thought I’d share my tried and tested favourites with you…

The eye-opening brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls - which is kind of everything you could ever really want or need from a mascara. It does such a phenomenal job at curling that you can use daily without having to pre-curl your eyelashes, which is a true game changer. Inspired by old-school velcro hair rollers the wand features flexible rubber hooks that very gently pull and lift your lashes up, curing them as you apply. Long lasting and affordable this is my all time favourite.

Smashbox Full Exposure, £19.50
This super chunky mascara from Smashbox realllllly packs on the volume, easy to layer (if you like a fuller look) it lengthens and fills without clumping. A great option for thick, added volume just be wary of flaking fibres.

Eyeko Curvy Brush Mascara, £15
Designed with a dramatically dense brush to coat lashes fully from root-to-tip it enables you to builds up either a natural or super full-lash with ease - depending upon your desired look. The fibre-enhanced Keratin formula boots lashes for visibly thicker and defined lashes.

Clinique High Impact Mascara, £17.50
A specially developed brush and formula work together, combing the lashes up to apply maximum volume and create a more intense length. Ophthalmologist tested, as with all Clinique products this one's a keeper.

This purse friendly option is a dual wonder-wand of sorts, combining k2 pro-growth complex with a basic but high impact wand. It's purse friendly and 

This is one of my Mum’s all-time favourite mascaras and has subsequently become one of mine. Super lash-lifting the formula contains thickening fibres which lift and plump even the sparsest lashes building a volume of each lash, so they not only look thicker, it looks as though you have a thicker fuller set.

Despite this being a cult favourite (due to its much lauded ability to lengthen, curl, lift and separate) I much prefer to use this on my lower lashes than my upper set. If you’re going for a 60s vibe it works wonderfully layered up, but I'd always pick my beloved Roller Lash mascara over it.

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  1. Totally agree about the power of a good mascara. I am a massive fan of YSL Faux Cils but feel I need to brand out a little bit so definitely going to try some of these out. I've heard so many good things about Roller lash. x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

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