15 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentines Day has always felt like such a weird date and occasion to celebrate whether I’ve been in a relationship or not. It’s a little like new years eve as there’s so much stress and expectation placed upon one day: whether you’re trying to secure the perfect valentines day reservation or find the perfect valentines day outfit. There’s a lot of pressure.

Which is why this year I’ve already pre-planned out my entire earlier celebration with Tyler. It’s something I’ve never done before and I’m pretty impressed with myself for organising it all ahead of schedule – we’ve been together almost nine years and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of Valentine’s day, ha.

There always seems the tendency to go a little overboard with gifts and reservations and I had to stop myself from booking a table at Duck & Waffle/Ours/The Shard like seven times. No joke. I was just getting ahead of myself and whilst that’d be nice with Tyler and I’s mismatched schedules just a dinner together somewhere like Nandos would be enough of a treat – and we’re trying to save so, my view was, if I can’t justify buying anything in the Zara sale I absolutely cannot justify a spenny dins.

Saying that I always think it’s worth trying to be realistic to yourself and your budget. And, whilst you don’t always need to go OTT it can never hurt to send a few hints of things you might have your heart set on - leaving this blog post open on their desktop might to the trick... 

Whilst I love giving gifts and picking presents that I know will really make a loved one’s day and I always think it’s important to remember that the best gift might not be a cute pink Gucci cardholder but, a fuss-free photo frame filled with meaningful Instax snaps of your fave dates and travels.

I’ve popped together a little mix of things I'd be thrilled to receive… simply click the item to shop :)



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