5 Winter Outfit Ideas That Don't Suck

I don't know about you but this never ending winter is killing me sartorially. Finding warm winter outfits that don't suck and keep you warm enough on your commute/snuggled up on the sofa is bloody hard. 

Is it even possible to look put-together when you're exceptionally layered and wrapped up to the absolute max!? 

There’s the age-old mentality that you must dress ‘practically’ in winter – which (for me) often means ugly and mismatched in an un-cute way.

I was discussing this with my sister earlier today and, at the start, we were unsure whether you can beat winter at it's own game and put together your outfit of choice without a) catching hypothermia en route to work/home/dinner/gym b) compromising on your stylistic identity. But we decided that it’s worth a shot – and viable, when you break it down for each feeling you have when you wake up that morning. Giving you an alternative and socially acceptable option for days when you don’t want to leave your duvet at home.

I only recently made the connection that the reason I don't love winter could be down to the fact that I live in chunky knits and coats all winter long. Quite simply, I don't challenge myself to wear anything that I live in and love allll summer long and, whilst I love a great coat as much as the next gal I much prefer being able to pick and choose between the endless variety of dresses and skirts and tees all summer long.

So, here we go...

1, For days when sweats are the only option

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We all have those days, when cosy is not only what you want to feel but, what you want to wear too. For ultimate cosy chic opt for separates in similar tones.

Whilst tapered cashmere trousers are a real indulgence I can truthfully promise, hand on heart, that if you’re always cold (like me) then nothing is a better investment. Pick a light grey pair; team with a Breton or colour pop knit (if you’re feeling super bouji then a cashmere jumper will make you feel unbelievably lux.

Although, to me nothing is (literally) hotter than top-to-toe cashmere you don’t have to have cashmere a cosy jogger/sweatshirt combo is equally as great.

Finish off your look with trainers and longline coat – scarf, hat and gloves depending where you are in the world/season.

2, For the days when you only want to wear leggings… 

Clockwise from top left: Fallon Knit Jumper, Joules; Live Lively Leggings, White Stuff;  Carrie Cashmere Hat, White Stuff; Imogen Leather Bag, Modalu; Cashmere Socks, Caroline Gardner; Molly Wellingtons, Joules

The days of gals in see-through leggings are (hopefully) long gone. Leggings need not be mortifying or boring anymore thanks to Uniqlo, Sweaty Betty and Varley. I just got back from a weekend in Center Parcs where I lived in a mix of the above and my ultimate favourite White Stuff pair. Cosy, form fitting and with thermal options leggings are a dream as they enable me to fulfil my constant desire to wear home clothes outside of my home. And, if that hadn’t sold them to you, you don’t need to pick a spenny pair as there are endless affordable options across the high street and online.

Pair with cashmere socks, a seriously chunky knit, a thick wool scarf and long-line coat and you’re good to go!

3, For when you don’t want to leave your duvet at home

Last year Primark’s super cosy puffa jackets made me fall in love with a trend that I always believed would be a little too chunky on me before. Nothing is cosier than a puffa and you don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money, or buy a cruel Canada Goose option to stay warm.

Puffas are the singular way to take your duvet with you all day, with cropped and long-line options available you can wrap up and get out and about even when you’d rather be horizontal catching up on Netflix.

Whether you opt for a colour pop option or, prefer a more low-key tonal style your options are endless. Layer over knits, rollnecks, tees and pair with leggings, jeans, corduroys or culottes and trainers – you’re good to go with literally any of the above.

4, For the days you need to justify buying those corduroy jeans

If, like me, you got a little carried away with the corduroy revival then there’s still plenty of time to get you cost-per-wear back and up.

Comfortable, cosy and great at keeping you a little warmer on really bitter days they work as well with trainers and ankle boots as they do with snow boots.

I picked up a pink corduroy pair from Urban Outfitters and whilst I’d only worn them a handful of times so far, this winter as it’s got colder, and colder, and colder… I’ve started to reach for them more and more each morning.
Not only does a punchy pink pair of trousers help to brighten up a coat that you’ve grown quite tired of they add a little fun back into your everyday and when it’s this cold and bleak that really counts for something.

As ever, Mango have some great corduroy options. As do, Next and Topshop. Whilst I’ll forgive you for opting for a darker, more classic pair I assure you that you’ll be thankful of your fun, vibrant shade in two weeks time when you’re so over all your clothes (again!).

5, For the days when you can’t bring yourself to wear another jumper

It’s okay; we’ve all been there.

Some days it feels like I wake up layer a jumper over my three existing layers and reluctantly take it off just before bed – only to do the same the following day. It’s a (seemingly) revolving cycle of knitwear that I get rather tired of.

So, when I found and fell in love with this chunky Marks &Spencer cardigan it was quite a revelation. I could pair it with silk, lace-trimmed camisoles and still feel warm, in winter!

But, you don’t need to go oversized you can pick up a grey button front cardigan and simply wear as a top, tucking it into your jeans as you would a tee. It’s a cooler way of wearing a knit and a welcome alternative to a life of jumpers.

Boden have a really lovely cashmere cardigan and Boohoo have some very purse friendly options.



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