Product Review: Bella Freud candles

So, it's officially September which that means that it's finally okay to get excited about coats and candles: autumn is basically upon us. 

As I mentioned in my latest haul, I rent the little flat I share with two of my favourite humans so we're quite restricted by how homely we can make it. We've come up with ingenious ways to hide ugly mismatched furniture and worked out all possible ways to add non-permanent personality to rooms: one of my favourite ways is with a fun little candle. 

Whether you're keen on cutesy or classic styles and/or scents candles are a super easy and affordable way to add a little something to a sad looking windowsill, or ugly mantle piece. Crafted in the UK, Bella Freud's quirky soy wax candles are all inspired by her signature sweaters: hand-poured into a stylish matte black glass jar (which, once the candles been burnt out doubles nicely as a brush holder) they make a really sweet addition to a room.

Ginsberg is God
Fresh, yet seductively husky: this candle has a fresh green scent, defined by green notes of Fig Leaf, Vine Leaves and Tomatoes it's rich yet fresh. With Frankincense and Wormwood adding depth it's my favorite from this miniature set - I've got the full sized version of this and love burning it during winter.

Je t'aime Jane
Sweet and floral, yet balanced by fresh Green Leaves and cool Water Stem, it's flirty yet fresh. I've been burning this on rainy summer nights.

Bella Freud
Bella's signature candle is richly scented with Moroccan smoked Incense, with notes of Cedarwood and resins of Myrrh and Amber for added warmth. Dry and dramatic, it's perfect for early autumn.

Inspired by the heavily-incesed scents of the era, this candle is rich with Patchouli oils, Myrrh and Frankincense with Sandalwood, Musk and Vetiver adding a luxurious intensity. 


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